Our Locations

Nashville is a very diverse city. We recognize that each area in which we are involved has a unique story. The Nashville Food Project works to consistently assess needs related to hunger in low-income neighborhoods by building relationships of accountability with community members and key partners in order to make sure what we do remains necessary and relevant. These are the neighborhoods where we are currently devoting our resources of food and relationship:

Murfreesboro Pike

Our stops along Murfreesboro Pike are several of 22 properties owned and operated by Urban Housing Solutions, an affordable and permanent housing provider in Nashville. Residents of these locations include those who were homeless, people with mental illness, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and other low-income individuals and families who simply need an affordable place to live.

Mercury Courts 411 Murfreesboro Pike, 37210

Mercury North 416 Murfreesboro Pike, 37210

Dickerson Pike/Trinity Lane

All of our locations in the Dickerson Pike and Trinity Lane area are daily/weekly-rate motels that are among the cheapest available in the city (ranging $600-$700 a month for a room). For some, these rooms have been a home for 16 years, while others are more transient. This corridor is known in the city for high rates of crime, drugs and prostitution.

Hallmark Inn 309 West Trinity Lane, 37207

Trinity United Methodist Church 204 East Trinity Lane, 37207

McFerrin Park

Front Porch Ministry is a unique community center founded by Michele and Thom Hazelip out of their home in the McFerrin Park Neighborhood of East Nashville. Believing that impact begins with relationship, the Hazelips have been journeying with kids and single moms in the neighborhood since 2006. We are joining the Front Porch Family for open porch time on Saturday afternoons with meals and fresh produce.

Front Porch Ministry 200 Treutland Avenue, 37207


Operation Stand Down assists Veterans and their families so that they can be self-sustaining and better connected to the community. At the Veteran Service Center, OSD provides social services including employment services, transitional housing and referrals in coordination with other agency services. TNFP shares a hot meal here with clients of OSD and the surrounding neighborhood on Wednesday afternoons.

Operation Stand Down 1225 12th Avenue South, 37203

Vine Hill

We share a hot meal lunch on Friday afternoons with residents of Vine Hill Towers and the surrounding neighborhood. Vine Hill Towers include government housing for seniors, as well as one floor run by Room In the Inn and another run by Matthew 25. This stop is also right beside our large gardens at Wedgewood Urban Gardens. We are excited for this opportunity to return the food grown at WUG to this community in the form of hot meals.

Vine Hill Towers 625 Benton Avenue, 37204

Cumberland Gardens

Cumberland Gardens is located in one of three identified “food deserts” in Nashville, generally described as area where there is little or no access to healthy, affordable food. Food deserts disproportionately affect socially segregated groups such as elderly people living in underprivileged urban neighborhoods. Our locations in Cumberland Gardens, John L Glenn and Alsup Arbors, are residential centers for low-income seniors.

John L Glenn Residential Center 2016 28th Ave N, 37208

Alsup Arbors 2020 28th Ave N, 37208