Our Pathway to Community Food Security

Poverty and the disintegration of communities have left too many Nashvillians with limited access to nutritious food and without the connections to tap into community resources for support. The Nashville Food Project takes a holistic approach to achieving greater community food security, emphasizing strategic collaborations with a constellation of partner organizations and hands-on, community-driven solutions (Learn more about our vision, mission and values). We work towards this vision seeking outcomes in four broad impact areas: Health, Social, Economic and Environmental.

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  • Increased food access
  • Physical activity
  • Cooking & meal prep
  • Food-agriculture literacy
  • Strengthened relationships to food, land and self
  • Volunteer programs
  • Community meals
  • Safe & welcoming spaces
  • Community leadership development
  • Neighborhood markets
  • Empowerment & mobilization
  • Sliding scale meals contracts
  • Market gardens
  • Financial literacy & goal setting
  • Community gardens
  • Food-based microenterprises
  • Food recovery
  • Garden & cooking engagement
  • Production gardens
  • Local farmer investment

2017 Community Impact

Strategic Plan One Sheet.jpg

Financial management - Board governance - Revenue generation - Human resources - Facilities & infrastructure
Marketing & messaging - Organizational culture