Community Partners

The Nashville Food Project works strategically with lots of other local organizations. Together we seek opportunities to grow, serve, encourage and bring about change. Those opportunities present themselves in a number of ways, and examples include formerly incarcerated inmates who learn life skills in our kitchen to children who receive lunches from our food trucks while participating in the programs of a neighborhood ministry. Community is about giving and receiving, and we’re grateful that the following partners share our vision of a happier, healthier, better-fed Nashville.


Diersen Charities encourages residents to volunteer in our kitchen prep room, as well as prepare lunches to be served from our truck during regularly scheduled Operation Stand Down deliveries. The prep time allows these formerly incarcerated community members the chance to learn skills, find acceptance and give back.


Fall Hamilton Enhanced Option Elementary School is located across from our Wedgewood Urban Garden. During the school year, we partner weekly with Fall Hamilton's nurse to bring enrichment programming to 4th graders around food and nutrition, as well as seasonal vegetable tastings for all students. In addition, Fall Hamilton families are eligible to keep garden plots and attend trainings at Wedgewood Urban Garden.

The Oasis Center provides opportunities for youth from the International Teen Outreach Program (ITOP) to volunteer at the Wedgewood Urban Garden every week during the school year. These young adults don’t just learn—they also teach us about leadership, community spirit and strength.

FiftyForward seniors are part of a core group of kitchen volunteers who find especially great joy in sharing recipe ideas. Members of this community also lead several meal deliveries to Operation Stand Down where they serve the delicious and healthy meals they’ve helped prepare..

Hands On Nashville introduces us to volunteers from across the city. In addition, The Nashville Food Project can list opportunities on the Hands On Nashville online calendar, expanding our opportunities to give and receive assistance.

Harvest Hands encourages its youth to work in our Wedgewood Urban Garden, learning about growing and eating healthy foods along the way. Harvest Hands is a nonprofit organization that cultivates community in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood and our local garden offers the perfect spot for communal gatherings.

Open Table Nashville, Inc., partners with local churches to host emergency winter warming shelters when temperatures dip below 25 degrees. The Nashville Food Project provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for shelter guests.

To learn more about partnering with The Nashville Food Project, contact Partner Relations Manager Grace Biggs at We welcome ideas for strategic collaborations that impact all involved.