Janasia White

Community Gardener, Kitchen Volunteer

Janasia White, the 14-year-old daughter of former The Nashville Food Project Meals Coordinator Makisha White, splits her time between the garden, the kitchen and home school.

“I like harvesting because while you’re harvesting you get to eat stuff. I like the chickens too,” she said of the garden, which she visits with her parents every couple of weeks. Her parents learned of The Nashville Food Project after being offering a neighborhood community garden plot a few years ago at the Wedgewood Urban Garden. Janasia’s father Jay has since taken a position as a manager of the community plots.

But it’s the kitchen that has Makisha and Janasia’s heart.

“I want to have my own restaurant,” Janasia said. “I already have the name too --‘Nana’s Treats and Eats.’”

Janaisa learned to cook from her mother Makisha, who recently completed her culinary degree and her time on staff at The Nashville Food Project.

“My favorite to make is dinner and brownies,” Janasia said. “When I first started learning how to cook, it was brownies that we made. My mom taught me, and then I started learning on my on and experimenting. Now I
can cook!”

Janasia says that beyond cooking, she has learned “how to deal with different people,” who visit and work at The Nashville Food Project. She enjoys working with the Meals Team and “the girls her age and little older” who visit.

Next she’s setting her sights on learning how to make glazes for meats, doughnuts, and embarking on one of the group’s truck runs to deliver the food she helps grow, prep and cook. 

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