Production Gardens

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Our production gardens are vibrant growing spaces that supply over 25,000 servings of organic fruits and vegetables for our meal programs each year. TNFP meals are shared through partnerships with over 30 local non-profits and community groups, ensuring food from the local soil reaches the bellies of local people.

The gardens are home to a variety of vegetables, perennial fruit trees and bushes, herbs, and an abundance of flowers for pollinators and humans alike. Volunteers support all aspects of growing, including turning the ground, planting seeds, weeding and harvesting fresh produce. The production gardens also serve as demonstration sites where volunteers, staff and other visitors can share their knowledge about growing, cooking and enjoying food.

Community Farm at Mill Ridge Park

In November of 2018 TNFP relocated our production garden to Mill Ridge Park in Southeast Nashville, one of Metro Nashville's new Regional Parks. We are excited to be growing food on a piece of land that has agricultural roots reaching back many generations. In the recent past the land has supported cattle production, so we are enjoying and working to preserve the humus built by grazing cows. In 2019 we are building infrastructure on site and developing 1/4 acre of vegetable production. We are growing crowd-pleasing crops requested by the kitchen, including sauce tomatoes, summer squash, green beans, sweet peppers, carrots and collards. The garden is also home to community gardens that you can learn more about here.