The Food Trucks

 Meal Service at Vine Hill

Every week, The Nashville Food Project shares more than 3,000 healthy, made-from-scratch meals and snacks with communities across Davidson County. We work with a variety of Meal Distribution Partners to better serve those who are living on the margins in our city, including after school programs, ESL classes and emergency shelters. By offering food support to other established nonprofits and community groups, these meals create opportunities for our partners to focus their energy and resources on their unique missions. In this way, we believe our meals can become one piece of a broader solution to hunger and poverty. 

Our food trucks offer more than just meals. Sharing food is about sharing nourishment—as much for spirit and soul as for the body. By enjoying meals together, food has the power to reduce social isolation and build community. They also create opportunities for lasting relationships that can transform the ways we think of “us” and “them.” Taking this food on the road allows us to be where we’re needed the most. 

Volunteer opportunities on our trucks are available as assigned teams and drop-ins. When you’re ready to ride, sign up here.

Looking for a hot meal or other food support? Our meals are included in the current Nashville Meals Schedule and Locations published on “Where to Turn in Nashville”- an online resource guide published by The Contributor and collaborators. 

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