The Kitchens

The Nashville Food Project is a joyful place for people who love to cook and beginners alike. On any given day, you will find a diverse group of volunteers assembled for meal prep-- college students elbow-to-elbow with formerly-incarcerated men and women, right next to a couple of seasoned seniors and a volunteer from a tony Green Hills address. Each one gladly shares the space, and their combined presence makes the preparation of our meals incredibly rewarding.

We use the freshest ingredients available, including several tons of produce we grow in our own gardens each year, and tens of thousands of pounds of food donated by our Food Donation Partners. There’s a lot of creativity involved in planning meals based on what comes in and a lot of work for the volunteers who chop, slice, clean, assemble, blanch, compost and cook. Currently, we serve about 3,000 meals each week. 

Meal Prep takes place multiple times each week in our two kitchens at Woodmont Christian Church and St. Luke's Community House. There is no need for an long-term commitment--only willingness to serve and to share. Let us know you're coming by signing up here.