The Nashville Food Project embraces a vision of vibrant community food security in which everyone in Nashville has access to the food they want and need through a just and sustainable food system.


The Nashville Food Project brings people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city.



  1. We believe there is enough.
  2. We leverage our privilege and resources to generously receive and share the gifts entrusted to our care.
  3. We pursue the highest, best use of the food we receive, the land we steward, and the time our volunteers offer us.



  1. We are at-once both students and teachers, and we approach challenges and opportunities with a teachable spirit.
  2. We make time to listen to each other, learning from the wealth of life experience and skills others bring to the work.
  3. We spend time reflecting on how we do what we do, and ask “How are we effective in building stronger community food security?
  4. We make space for others to engage in learning.




    1. With fiercest hope, we believe people and situations can change.
    2. We practice vulnerability and are committed to growing our capacity to do and say hard things.
    3. We actively listen and are open to feedback and improvement.
    4. We know that a transformed society will require collective work by many.
    5. We educate ourselves and others about ways to dismantle oppression and work towards building what Dr. King called the Beloved Community.
    6. We seek ways to deepen our personal growth and offer opportunities for others to engage.
    7. We believe deep community engagement is the anchor for lasting social change.


    1. We try to create a welcoming space for all.
    2. We celebrate life events, share meals, practice listening and affirm each other.
    3. We believe every individual has the capacity to be both guest and host.
    4. We invest in building relationships, acknowledging that this takes time.
    5. We include people in this work in meaningful ways.


    1. We recognize the connections between the health of people and the health of the earth.
    2. We recognize that our individual wellbeing is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of others.
    3. We plan, act, and reflect knowing that each decision we make impacts others - communities, individuals, the earth.
    4. We make time to learn about each other’s work that is critical to meeting our mission.
    5. We look for ways we can change any aspect of our work that keeps people from reaching their own goals.
    6. We believe healing happens in relationship.


    1. We look for and collaborate with community partners who are addressing complex, intersecting systems of poverty and injustice.
    2. We commit to examining our own biases and privilege through conversation and education.
    3. We examine our work for ways we can strengthen community leadership and control.
    4. We ask ourselves: “ Who’s missing in this conversation?”; “Whose perspective is missing from this decision?” and work to include these voices.


    Statement of Anti-Racism

    The Nashville Food Project acknowledges that racism permeates all aspects of society, including our food system. Racism is the product of social, institutional and economic power paired with racial prejudice and results in unequal access at all levels of the food system for people of color. We envision a vibrant community food system that is relational, ecological and accessible to all. To that end our organization is committed to the necessary work of identifying, discussing, and dismantling racism. We invite you to join us in this commitment and ongoing work.