Volunteer of the Month

Doug Tommie and Margot Baeder Truck Team


“Margot and Doug have been share volunteers with us since the very beginning when The Nashville Food Project was still Mobile Loaves and Fishes. From the days of assembly-line sandwich making and delivering food to people experiencing homelessness under overpasses, to now a regular monthly meal run to one of our partner programs, they have consistently been here, jumping in to help however they can. Their truck team that started out as a group of strangers has grown to be like true family, seeing each other through losses, illness, the birth of grandchildren, job changes, and surgeries. It's this sense of love and community that they have for one another that they bring to each group they share a meal with. Margot with her loving spirit, and warm, embracing hug opens the door of hospitality, and Doug with his leadership and sweet smile and laugh makes sure the meals are shared with excellence so that all have enough to eat. They have been some of my tried and true, go-to people when I've needed help in a pinch. I'm so sad that this team will be retiring soon. They have such a rich history with us. Really, if you see them, stop them and have them tell you some of the stories of sharing meals in the beginning days. They are a hoot! And be sure to get a hug from sweet Margot before she moves to Washington State at the end of the month. It's the kind that fills you up for days. Thank you for all the hours of service over the years!” — Elke Hoffman, Distribution Manager

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