Warren White

Kitchen Volunteer

After 14 years working at Wendy’s in Atlanta, Warren White enrolled in culinary school at Nashville State at age 63. He found The Nashville Food Project when looking for a kitchen to intern. Even now after earning his culinary certificate, he spends most his time cooking for those in need at various churches and organizations like The Nashville Food Project.

“I’ve enjoyed working here because there’s a commitment to healthy food for people who need it,” he said. “They’re a talented and committed staff. I enjoy doing good through my new culinary arts certificate, which I got in January of 2014.”

Warren takes the bus to The Nashville Food Project at least twice a week to chop vegetable and cook. Then he walks home more than 3 miles after working. He says he wants to participate and contribute the best he can.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of different people from different walks of life,” he said of the staff and groups of volunteers who pass through.” It’s the little things sometimes. But they count.” 

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