Our Gardens

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Wedgewood Urban Gardens

Founded by Gigi Gaskins in 2005 as a community gardening space, Wedgewood Urban Garden (WUG) is located off Wedgewood Avenue near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. The Nashville Food Project signed on to work the space in April 2011. WUG is home to various perennials including asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and black raspberries. It is also home to an all-natural top-bar beehive, fig trees, and numerous medicinal and culinary herbs. TNFP grows diverse seasonal crops used to support both our hot meal and Project Pantry programs. Okra, corn, cabbage, winter and summer squash, beets, cucumbers, and kale are just a few items grown in these gardens. This beautiful, diverse space also serves as an outdoor learning center with a large tree-covered pavilion well-suited for hosting classes and workshops. A movie screen facing a gently sloping lawn is perfect for viewing a community-hosted film. We encourage neighbors to embrace WUG as a community gathering and learning space.

Many residents from the communities we serve with our meals have found their way to the Wedgewood garden. Members of Operation Stand Down and Room In the Inn’s Odyssey program volunteer on a regular basis in the garden, and we enjoy hosting a variety of corporate, faith, and youth groups to help us expand and maintain this vibrant growing space. Volunteers engage in all aspects of growing from turning the ground and planting seeds to weeding and harvesting. Getting to taste a fresh vegetable right out of the ground is definitely a perk of volunteering!

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Woodmont Garden

Located behind the offices of The Nashville Food Project on the campus of Woodmont Christian Church, the Woodmont Garden primarily supports our meal program. Here we grow staples such as onions, garlic, carrots, lettuces, and herbs to support our busy kitchen. Our volunteer cooks love the ability to harvest fresh ingredients right outside the kitchen. This urban garden produces thousands of pounds of fresh produce every year just blocks from Green Hills Mall. The garden is home to a new produce washing station that makes cleaning vegetables quick and easy, as well as a new greenhouse to start and nurture seeds. What could be a better use of our backyard than growing food for community meals? The bees, butterflies and other pollinators seem to agree that this urban garden is the place to be.

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