Become a Meal Partner

Is there a way food could support the work of your organization or community group? Consider becoming a meal partner! The Nashville Food Project works with a variety of mission-aligned partners to better support people facing barriers to accessing nutritious foods in our community, including after school programs, ESL classes, emergency shelters and more. By offering quality food support to other established nonprofits and community groups, this food helps create opportunities for our partners to focus energy and resources on their unique missions. We also share our excess donated foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, with community partners who need access to healthy ingredients or need fridges stocked for their residential clients.

To be eligible, a partner must meet the following requirements

  • Located in Middle Tennessee

  • Serve people facing economic, health, cultural or social barriers

  • Support a regularly scheduled, ongoing gathering or program that helps reduce some of those barriers

  • Have an average attendance of at least 20 people and no more than 125 people

  • Prioritize decreasing food waste

submit a proposal

We accept proposals for new meals on a rolling basis, and implement new partnerships as our capacity allows. To begin a proposal process, complete and submit the inquiry form below. Our Meals Director will then follow up with next steps.