TNFP Office & California Avenue Kitchen

Located at 5904 California Avenue, 37209 in the Nations Neighborhood. There is a parking lot behind the building, as well as street parking along 60th Avenue North or California Ave. Entrance is through the front of the building on California Ave. The facility is wheelchair accessible with specified parking in the back.

Bus directions: Herman Route 19 stops about 5 blocks away (0.4 miles) at Tennessee Avenue & Morrow Road.


St. Luke’s Community House Kitchen

Located at 1584 57th Avenue North, 37209 in the Nations Neighborhood on the campus of St. Luke’s Community House. The kitchen entrance is located on 57th Avenue North with brown door and a green “Nashville Food Project” awning. Please park on the other side of the street along the fence. Ring the door bell for entry.

Bus directions: Herman Route 19 stops about 5 blocks away (0.4 miles) at Tennessee Avenue & Morrow Road.


Wedgewood Urban Gardens

Located at 613 Wedgewood Avenue, 37203 in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. There are a few parking spots at the entrance to the garden (next to Smokin’ Thighs) and additional parking on Benton Avenue near the intersection with Thurman. 

Bus directions: 100 Oaks Route 1 stops less than 1 block away at Wedgwood Avenue & Bransford Avenue.


Haywood Lane FARM

Located at 299 Haywood Lane, 37211 in South Nashville on the property of Christ Lutheran Church. There is parking convenient to the garden behind the church in front of the pavilion.

Bus directions: Nolensville Pike Route 52 stops about 0.7 miles away at Nolensville Pike & Haywood Lane. Crossing Nolensville Pike is required.


McGruder Community Garden

Located at 2013 25th Avenue North, 37208 in North Nashville at McGruder Family Resource Center. The garden and a parking lot are located behind the building.

Bus directions: Bordeaux Route 22 stops 2 blocks away at 23rd Avenue N & Seifried Street.


Mill Ridge Community Farm

Located at 12944 Old Hickory Blvd, 37013 in the Antioch area at Mill Ridge Park. Pass Owen Drive and look for a mail box on the left side of the road. Turn left here into the property and pull up the gravel driveway toward the left until you reach a gravel parking lot.

There is currently no local bus service to this location.