Give Food

In addition to financial contributions, The Nashville Food Project welcomes in-kind donations of food items that can be used as ingredients in nutrtious meals. Whether you’d like to share fresh produce from your garden or excess food from licensed caterers, we’d love to connect with you!

When you’re ready to donate, please provide us with as much information as possible so we can plan how the items will fit into our menus. Consider answering the questions below, then contact Food Donations Coordinator David Frease at or (615) 460-0172 to coordinate. Thank you!

Farmers, click here for tax guidance on donating food.

Food Donation Guide


  • How much is available (in weight or bushels)?

  • Has the produce already been harvested? If not, can we harvest it?

  • When was the produce harvested or purchased?

  • Where are you located?

  • Are you able to deliver the items to our office at 3605 Hillsboro Pike? If schedules allow, The Nashville Food Project can pick up produce donations of at least 75 pounds/approximately three bushels within 15 miles of our offices.

Prepared Food

  • How much is available?

  • What type of food is available?

  • When was the food prepared and served? In what type of containers has it been stored?

  • Are you able to deliver the items to our office at 3605 Hillsboro Pike?

We also accept some pantry items, but only within certain criteria.

  • Items must be delivered to our office at 3605 Hillsboro Pike.

  • Healthy foods only; no sodas, candy or processed foods.

  • We will prioritize those that are often used in our meal preparation.

  • We cannot accept items that have expired.

Host a Food Drive

Another option is to host a food drive. Volunteer-organized food drives regularly help fill our pantry. If you’d like to garner support for The Nashville Food Project from you family, friends, co-workers, faith community or neighborhood, contact David Frease at for details and suggestions. Gift cards to grocery stores are also welcome and appreciated!