Food Recovery


One thing we say a lot here at The Nashville Food Project is that we believe we live in a world of abundance. One where there is enough to go around -- enough farmable land to grow nourishing food for our city, enough hard-working hands to do incredible work and enough food to feed everyone in our community.

But we know that this abundance is not reaching all people. Currently 40% of all food produced in our country is being thrown away. This knowledge drives our work to continually explore new ways to recover would-be wasted food and steward it toward its best and highest use... and what better use for food than to feed our neighbors!

Much of our food recovery efforts are through ongoing Food Donation Partnerships with local grocers, farmers, markets and restaurants. Every day, we’re astounded by the generosity and creativity of these partners, who share not just their ‘seconds’ but their best. From a grocery bag filled with the first harvest of a backyard gardener, to over 20,000 pounds of fresh, never-frozen meat recovered from a local meat conference -- each bit of food shared is vital in supporting our mission to alleviate hunger and cultivate community.

Learn more about how you can support this work with gifts of food here.