Give Money

Because we grow produce in our gardens, recover as much food as possible and use an enormous number of volunteers in our programs, we are able to stretch a dollar far in our work to alleviate hunger and cultivate community in our city. Your gifts to The Nashville Food Project make this life-affirming work possible.

Our work of growing food, cooking food and sharing it, aims to bring people together who would not normally come together--to break down traditional barriers of giver and receiver, of rich and poor. We believe that healthy food is a right, not a privilege. Every day of the week, somewhere in this city, we set a table for justice and love, always in a spirit of hospitality. And at this table, hungry people are fed, lonely people are heard, joy is increased, and isolation is diminished. 

THANK YOU for helping us set the table for justice and love! Look at what you've helped us accomplish in the past year:

5 Urban Gardens

1,000s of pounds of food harvested

75+ families growing their own food


2 Kitchens

5,000 meals & Snacks prepared per week

10,000 pounds of recovered food used in meals monthly

2 Food Trucks

sharing meals with 35+ nonprofit partner SITES

4,000 pounds of recovered food shared monthly


Please consider a monthly gift! Just a small monthly gift can make a BIG impact, providing a steady stream of support for our ongoing programs in the community. It's simple to set up, and you can cancel or change at any time.

If you would like to make your contribution in honor, in memory or in celebration of someone, please leave a note, along with a mailing address so we can send an acknowledgment of your gift.