Urban Agriculture

Every day, work in our gardens supports vibrant, resilient food webs. Neighbors, volunteers, and communities gather to turn compost, raise chickens, provide homes for bees and other pollinators, tend vegetables, plant cover crops to protect and nurture the soil -- the list goes on and on. Our gardens thrive because each part contributes to a whole. We believe the same is true for Nashville’s food system -- we thrive when we come together and support each other!



In our gardens, we:

  • GROW thousands of pounds of fresh produce in Production Gardens for our meals;

  • SUPPORT over 70 growers in Community Gardens and a market garden program, Growing Together;

  • ENGAGE hundreds of volunteers each month;

  • VALUE interdependence, learning, justice, transformation, hospitality and stewardship.



Sometimes the path to building a true community food system seems overwhelming. Decades of factory farming has fragmented food supply chains and destroyed ecosystems, and too many people in our community don’t have access to the food they want and need. In our gardens, we work to support ecosystems and food production connected to our specific places and communities. We strive to promote connectivity, build resiliency, and act in a framework of justice and anti-racism.