Harvest Hands in the Garden

We love partnering with Harvest Hands, a nonprofit down the street from our Wedgewood Urban Gardens. Their youth come to the garden on a regular basis as part of their after-school programming. Look what they have been up to.

Sorrel is a sour-tasting herb and the youth who come to our Wedgewood Urban Gardens seriously cannot get enough of it! Beyond sour-flavored candy, people around the world use sorrel to make stews, salads and green borscht. Let us know if you have any creative suggestions for how we can incorporate sorrel into our meals!

The Harvest Hands students know just how natural Las Paletas popsicles are because they help add fruit and veggie waste to our compost pile almost every week. We love Las Paletas for sharing their compost and we love Harvest Hands for helping. Of course, we also adore the popsicles and the students on their own accord!