Celebrating the Community Farm at Mill Ridge

Since last fall, we’ve been busy breaking ground and building infrastructure at our newest garden site in southeast Nashville - the Community Farm at Mill Ridge Park. Located in Metro Nashville's newest regional park, this community farm will be a new home to TNFP garden programs. So much planning, love and work has already been poured into this project, and we were incredibly excited to celebrate with a grand opening of the farm on Saturday!

Understanding Garden Pests

It’s a beautiful spring day, and neighbors are gathering for garden workshop at the Wedgewood Urban Garden, an urban oasis tucked off of Wedgewood Avenue near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Today, we’re learning about garden pests. Whether it’s aphids or caterpillar worms, many gardeners can relate to pest problems. At TNFP gardens, we’re using and encouraging an approach to natural pest control called Integrated Pest Management…

Learning as a Collaborative Community

Though the days are short and the winter air is cold, TNFP garden participants are busy planning and training for the season ahead. Regular garden trainings with our Community Garden and Growing Together programs provides space for learning and knowledge-sharing.

Learning Together

We often say that food has the power to transform lives, and we see this so clearly in our Growing Together program. Growing Together is The Nashville Food Project’s agricultural micro-enterprise training program. Through it, we work to expand farming access and opportunity to a group of growers who are originally from Burma and Bhutan.