Bottle Gourd Curry

One of the things we love most about the connection between our gardens and our kitchens is the fun challenge of incorporating local, seasonal foods you don’t often find at area grocery stores. For example? All summer long, a vine has been working its way up, over and all around the trellis entryway to the Woodmont garden behind TNFP’s office...

Community Success Starts with Community Leaders

At The Nashville Food Project we believe that learning and teaching have less to do with curriculum and everything to do with leadership, belonging, and understanding needs. We believe that leadership must come from within the community to make a difference and help grow connection. For that reason each community garden has selected one or two leaders to represent their communities needs in the garden.

Nourish 2018 - A Recap

Last week we were honored to host our 8th annual fundraiser, Nourish. It is a time looked forward to by many as we have the opportunity to share joy and connection over a meticulously planned and prepared meal. Nourish is not just a fundraiser but a time to celebrate our accomplishments with our friends, volunteers, community members and biggest supporters…

Health As Healing

At TNFP, we are always seeking creative ways to use the food in our care to better support our community. The result? Over 30 unique partnerships, each formed to match the needs of that unique community, from a fresh market set-up at a retirement community, to stocking comfort food for children waiting for placement in a foster or kinship home. In this post, our Food Donations Coordinator reflects on the diverse ways food can foster health and healing.