Bonnaroo Service Project Leads to Meaningful Meal Sharing

Bonnaroo teamed up with a group of varied nonprofits this year — including The Nashville Food Project — to host the festival’s first-ever, onsite service project making meal kits of beans and rice for more than 1,400 people. For our first food sharing opportunity with the kits, we brought more than 200 meal kits and produce to a housing community in North Nashville.

Extending Hospitality: From Restaurant Tables To Our Neighbors

So many Nashville restaurants have offered vital support to our work over the years, extending hospitality through generous donations of food, purchasing from Growing Together farmers, and more. As Nashville continues to change and grow, we’ve sadly seen some beloved restaurants make the decision -- for various reasons -- to close…

Local Food + Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette

As construction cranes loom over Nashville and development creeps into the countryside, we’re thankful for a growing number of farmers who make the best use of our fertile land and do the hard work of tending it for produce that nourishes our community. The Nashville Food Project wants to support this work. In fact, our commitment to purchasing local food is a growing portion of how our meals happen…

Celebrating the Community Farm at Mill Ridge

Since last fall, we’ve been busy breaking ground and building infrastructure at our newest garden site in southeast Nashville - the Community Farm at Mill Ridge Park. Located in Metro Nashville's newest regional park, this community farm will be a new home to TNFP garden programs. So much planning, love and work has already been poured into this project, and we were incredibly excited to celebrate with a grand opening of the farm on Saturday!

Sweet Peas: Summer Eats for Kids

Over the last few years, we have been learning about the incredible need for summer meals for youth in Nashville and wishing we could do more. Every school year, Metro Nashville Public Schools serves 8.4 million lunches and 4 million breakfasts. During the summer months, without these daily meals, many children and youth are at risk of hunger. According to Feeding America, this could be as many as 1 in 5 children under the age of 18. These numbers are staggering, and we are finally in a position to do something about it. We are thrilled to announce a new initiative for our meals program: Sweet Peas, summer eats for kids

Understanding Garden Pests

It’s a beautiful spring day, and neighbors are gathering for garden workshop at the Wedgewood Urban Garden, an urban oasis tucked off of Wedgewood Avenue near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Today, we’re learning about garden pests. Whether it’s aphids or caterpillar worms, many gardeners can relate to pest problems. At TNFP gardens, we’re using and encouraging an approach to natural pest control called Integrated Pest Management…

Corn Five Ways

As our gardens begin to thrive and the kitchens ramp up for the summer, things have been heating up and coming together in beautiful ways at The Nashville Food Project — “simmering,” if you will. And that’s part of why we gratefully launched the first installment of our new fundraiser this month, “Simmer: a chef series where good food and ideas come together.”

Making Gold: Composting In Nashville

Did you know 28% of all waste in Nashville is compostable material? Here at TNFP, the idea and act of composting is a value: taking our forgotten bits, our discarded carrot ends, broken eggshells and spent coffee grounds and diverting them to be used as rich inputs for the earth which we've too often abused and abandoned. Learn how YOU can make gold out of your own leftovers, including FREE compost drop-off at select Metro convenience centers.

That Special Sauce

In the past year, The Nashville Food Project has cooked and shared over 204,000 made-from-scratch meals with 47 meal sites... which means rain or shine, we're loading up and delivering good food around our city. Last week, I shadowed our Distribution Manager, Emily Novak, for a behind the scenes look at what goes into these meal deliveries…