A Day in a Dozen: Harvest Hands


Today's "Day in a Dozen" highlights Harvest Hands, one of our partners. 

Harvest Hands works alongside neighbors in the Wedgewood-Houston area to further healthy living, education, spiritual formation and economic development. Young people from Harvest Hands visit our Wedgewood Urban Gardens, and we deliver to the group's community meal once a week. 

It all begins with prep teams like this one. Jackson National Life sponsors a day for employees who ready garden and gleaned ingredients for the cook teams.

Yesenia from Jackson National Life chops vegetables for the following day's chicken pot pies...

...while Amanda and Susannah slice honey cake gleaned from Whole Foods for dessert.

The cook team prepares the chicken pot pies and hands them off to the truck team.  

Meanwhile, children from Harvest Hands walk over from Vine Hill Community Center where the group meets to our Wedgewood Urban Gardens to learn. Here they are carrying Las Paletas compost bins to the compost pile and then covering it with hay. 

The children walk back to Vine Hill for dinner and a program...

...and when they arrive, the pot pies are warm and ready. Dinner is served!