Sharing More in Partnership with United Way

Did you know that The Nashville Food Project nearly doubled our meals program last year? Thanks to a new partnership with the United Way’s SPARK we provided 36 youth and families at the Salvation Army and Bethlehem Center with more than 10,000 healthy meals and snacks in 2015!

The mission of the United Way’s SPARK program is to engage youth in consistent, structured physical activity; to promote movement; to advocate basic nutrition through education; and to provide accessible, cost-effective meals and snacks for youth and their families.

In addition to nearly doubling the number of meals we were able to share in our community, this partnership also allowed us to involve even more incredible volunteers in preparing and cooking these 300 delicious, nutritious meals and snacks each week. These meals and snacks were served alongside fun exercise programs and nutrition education, helping children get healthy and fit in a fun way.

We’re excited to announce that this program with further expand in 2016 with the addition of snacks shared with children at the South Nashville Family Resource Center and the St. Luke’s Community House Family Resource Center! Through this expansion, we will share 120 more snacks each week with children in our city, furthering our reach in our efforts to alleviate hunger and cultivate community.

We thank the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville for continuing this vital partnership, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to grow in 2016!