Not Just About the Meal

It’s not just about the meal…. we want our food to be the backdrop, the engine, the song in the background of all the good work of our partners. A few weeks ago, we received the note below from our amazing meals partner Preston Taylor Ministries - her feedback on a recent meal shared by TNFP with their community.

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had last night.  With holiday music playing, red sauce aromas coming from the kitchen and parents streaming through the door in droves speaking 3 different languages, it was a magical night. As always, we were able to share your story, not just about the meal, but with all the fresh produce, fruit, labor and love that you lavish on us all year long. I’m always so grateful when I get to brag on how rarely I serve a Cheezit and I couldn’t do that without the consistent and intentional ways in which you serve our students and families. We had about 8 new families there that had never experienced our community supper and several came up to me to tell me what a delicious meal it was.  We had 96 RSVPs and as usual, close to 120 plates handed out. The meal was super simple to serve and with all the prep work done by you, it gave me time to kiss new babies that weren’t here last year and hug on grandparents I haven’t seen since our summer meal. Wednesdays are long because we have students at PTM starting at 1:30pm and very little time to turn the gym into an event space. But your hard work of getting a meal prepared gives us the freedom to love them well, so it’s with a grateful heart that we say thank you.
— Lisa Lentz, Preston Taylor Ministries

The Nashville Food Project is more committed than ever to making our Nashville community healthier and happier by supporting partners like Preston Taylor with good food! Is there a way food could support the work of your organization or community group? Click here to learn more about becoming a meal partner.